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Beyond our expectations!!!
It is a real blessing to have my daughter go to Sunrise Montessori Academy. My daughter made herself at home from the very first day (September 2008). I thank God that we ended up here. I cannot believe all the things she has accomplished in this time from educational stuff to social functions like interacting with others and to be respectful; how to care for her environment, how to be a self starter, and a wide range of practical life skills that are helping her develop independence and self-confidence. Sunrise Montessori Academy is more of a family to me than a school. They provide a safe and respectful environment as well as a great learning experience. If I had to do it again I would choose Sunrise Montessori Academy over and over again!!!!

—————Victoria’s Mom

My son Giovanni started school last January 2009, and until now he currently attends. The staff is great, and with a few months I saw big improvement in Giovanni’s speaking, writing and independence. He has made a lot of new friends. I also like the interaction the school provides with the parents as well. Everyday he looks forward to going to school. Thank you Sunrise!

—————-Giovanni’s Mom

My daughter started at Sunrise Montessori in January 2009 when she turned 3 years old. I am so happy with the wonderful warm staff and progress my daughter has made! Within a couple of months she was writing her name and recognizing all of her letters and sounds they make. She is almost 5 now, and is learning to read.  She has received a lot of love and attention as well as made some wonderful friends. She has gained so much independence & already shows many leadership qualities.  Her creativity continues to amazed me.  I highly recommend Sunrise Montessori! I would be available to talk to any parents of prospective new students through the school.

—————Ella’s Mom